As I'm writing this I'm looking out to the sea in the lovely sunshine and I'm doing a little bit of blogging on my brand new iPad mini. I mentioned in one of my earlier blog posts that I was going on a little holiday. On a whim the night before I went, I decided to purchase an iPad to take with me. Although I did no research on tablets and which one was best for me, the iPad mini is always raved about and being an iPhone user I thought it would be suited to me. So there I was nine o'clock in the evening reserving an iPad mini from John Lewis for collection the next day, just before my holidays.

I haven't written this post to talk about the iPad mini, I am not exactly a technology expert nor is it something I feel like I must write about, but rather the case. I knew I wanted to spend an extra few pennies on the case as I am a very clumsy person and I wanted someone tough so that if I were to drop it (I say if although it has happened many times by now) there would be no damage. As well as a strong case, I still wanted something that wasn't an eye sore. This one is from Cath Kidston and it has such a gorgeous pattern. I normally always seem to be pulled in by floral patterns and tried my very best to pick something slightly different to usual. Although this cloud pattern isn't really out there, it's still different and a lovely pattern. I love the vibrant colours of the case, the sky blue against the bright yellow around the edging of the case is a nice touch. I picked up this case for £24 down from £30, which I don't consider to be bad for this case. It's good quality, it has a nice feel to it and it has a stand at the back which is a really handy little tool. The iPad mini and case is perfect for blogging and I can sit and write to my hearts content.