I think these might be my newest lip obsessions, Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Pencils. Even though these were released quite a few months ago, they always seem to be sold out in my local Boots. Obviously they're doing something right! I first picked up one of these lip pencils on a whim, but being the lipstick lover I am, I had to get my hands on some more..

I can't praise these lip pencils enough, at only £4.99 each they're an absolute bargain and I can't help having a look at them in Boots every time I pop in in case one of the colours I'm missing are back in stock. The beautifully creamy formula glides upon the lips and leaves a satin finish, although I've always said I'm more a of matte fan, I really like this formula and I love the feel of them on my lips. Due to the creamy formula, these lip pencils aren't drying in the slightest. They are incredibly pigmented colours and don't budge once they are set and for £4.99 these have better longevity then some of my more expensive lip products.
I've picked up a total of five shades altogether, but unfortunately one's gone missing before I've had a real time to try it. The collection has a total of 10 shades altogether, ranging from nudes to a deep berry (the one that's missing!). 

From (l-r)
Fuchsia Desire - A bright pink, perfect for the summer. I picked this up for only 50p in the clearance section of Boots! 
Light It Up - A vibrant red. 
Keep It Classy - This is the first shade I picked up and my favourite. Originally I thought it was a nude shade however, it's more of a plum colour. 
Minimlist - I've not had the chance to try this yet, but it's a light pink shade. Once again I picked this up from the clearance section for £1. 

Have you tried any of Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Pencils yet?