When I saw this mascara by L'Oreal sitting on the shelves of Boots I was so intrigued. Many, many years ago I remember the double ended mascara being a must have in everyone's make up bag. It was one of the first mascaras I ever purchased and I loved coating the layer of white onto my lashes and then applying the black top coat to finish them off. As I got older, mascaras started to develop and new advanced mascaras were coming out every other week and the double ended mascaras vanished from the shelves, until now. L'Oreal Superstar Mascara has bought it back and I couldn't wait to take it home and try it out... 
So how does it work? Step one is for volume and L'Oreal describes it as a 'super sizing primer to thicken the look of all lashes'. The brush is shaped to ensure the mascara reaches every single lash and prepares for the second step. The second step and the top coat is all about lengthening and the lifted brush 'applies a black fibre enriched formula that coats the primer.'

Honestly, this mascara brings back so many memories for me and when I first started wearing make up, I wasn't expecting much as I hadn't read anything about it and I can't remember being a big fan of the double ended mascara in the past. Obviously time has passed and this type of mascara has advanced and I'm really impressed. It does everything it claims to do, this mascara adds volume and lengthens your lashes dramatically. Although, I have used too much primer in the past and this has resulted in the lashes being quite clumpy, therefore I find just one coat of the primer will do to get the desired look. I had read reviews that state the primer may not be needed at all and that your lashes look better when you skip step one. I will definitely be trying this out in the future to see the difference it makes. 

Have you tried this mascara before?