It's fair to say that Kylie Jenner has made nude lipstick a must have in every girls make up bag. I used to be unsure of nude lipsticks a few years ago, as I didn't understand the point of applying a shade to your lips, the same colour as your lips. However, now I understand their importance and I got very excited about the new shades of Bourjois Rouge Edition Lip Velvet. I had never tried any of these before, but I saw that the new shades included a few nudes and pinks that caught my eye. It took me forever to get my hands on this as the new range in Boots was constantly sold out every time I went in. I was going to give up on it when I saw this little lone lip velvet left on the shelf..
The shade that I managed to get my hands on was 'Don't Pink Of It'. It's a beautiful nude/pink colour and is perfect for every day wear. I've been wearing this a lot for work as it's a barely there colour. I'd heard so many mixed reviews on the formula before I picked it up, but I've found no issues with it at all, in fact, I really like it! 

As you might know by now, it's a lip velvet, a mix between a a lipstick and a gloss. Everything about the product suggests lip gloss, from the liquid like constancy to the applicator, however once it's on the lips it leaves a matte finish with a powder like feel to it. What I really like about the product is it leaves a soft velvet texture, therefore it isn't drying and it has amazing lasting power. It does claim to have 24 hour hold, but I've never particularly wanted to try this out, however it still does a pretty good job, around 5 -6 hours. I'm a big fan of the Boujois Rouge Edition Velvet and I'd love to pick up some more nude shades once they are back in stock in my local Boots! 

This currently retails at £8.99 but there is currently a 2 for £14 offer on the Boots website.

Have you tried this before? 
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