I had some delicious Macaroni Cheese. I went out for lunch with my boyfriend in Nottingham recently and had some Macaroni Cheese. It was delicious and one of the best I've had, plus it only cost a fiver on the lunchtime menu!

I went out to brunch with my brother. I should have put a warning up about all the cheesy goodness there is in this post and not to read if you're hungy. We went to a place called Delilahs which we'd never been before, but I'll definitely be back. It was delicious. My brother had smoked salmon and scrambled egg and it was easily the best scrambled egg I have ever tried. 
I've been on some countryside walks. I really enjoy walking and it's been lovely weather for it recently. I've been a few times this month with my auntie and her dogs, who are gorgeous, but very mischievous! 

My mum bought me some flowers. I recently got a new job, yay. I wrote recently that I got made redundant, but have managed to get myself a new job that is more suited to me. My mum got me these beautiful tulips as a well done! 

What have you been up to recently?
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