001 //  Aztec Blazer. As Spring is upon on us and hopefully Summer not too far away, I've found myself wearing my thick winter coat less and less. This aztec blazer is a great cover up for when it's not quite warm enough to go completely without a coat just yet. I love the pattern of this and I think it would be a great item to take to festivals. 

002 //  Floral Bodycon Midi Dress. Although I'm not normally one for bodycons. I love the colour and the print of this dress. That fact that this dress is only £6.49 has totally won me over. 

003 // Mint Bralet. I think these bralets are fab items for Summer. They come in many different colours and only cost £5.99. I always like to have a few bralets or crop tops for the Summer because they are so easy and lightweight to wear. I love the colour of this mint one and think it would look great with the dogtooth skirt.

004 // Leopard Sunglasses. eBay is amazing for sunglasses, there's so many different styles, colours and they're pretty cheap too. I love the shape of these ones and the leopard print pattern.

005 // Peep Toe Boots. I've been after some of these boots for a long time! I don't own any shoes in this style and I really like them. I think they'd be a perfect boot for when it gets a bit warmer and there's a few different colours too

006 // Dogtooth Skirt. This might be my favourite pick of the bunch, I really like the dogtooth pattern and think it so easy to wear. As it's high waisted I would probably wear this with a crop top or bralet and I think the mint bralet goes quite nicely with it. I'm also a big fan of the shape and style as I think it's quite flattering on me.

What is your favourite item from the wish list? 
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