Highlighters are something I've only been experimenting with the last year or so. Before that I thought it wasn't a product that I needed in my makeup bag, nor would make a difference to my overall makeup look. However, after dabbling with it a bit, I realised how wrong I was! As I mentioned I am continuing to work with Born Pretty into the new year and picked a few makeup pieces to try out. When I saw this highlighter, I knew I had to try it out straight away.. 
The Born Pretty Highlighter is the first highlighter I've used that is a highlighter stick. The other highlighters I own, Benefits and Seventeens, all come in liquid form. As you can see it comes in a plastic tube and as you twist the bottom, the highlighter comes up from the top, pretty hi-tech stuff. The highlighter comes in two shades #01 and #02. I choose shade #01 which is slightly less pink than #02. I chose this one as I simply wanted to highlight my cheeks, without adding additional colour to them,  As you can see from the photo it's quite silvery with a hint of pink.

I think this product is great value for money, at only $2.99 you get a generous amount of product and it works beautifully. The stick is creamy, therefore the highlight feels lovely when you apply it to the skin. Due to the creamy consistency, I find the product so easy to blend. I like to apply this highlighter by using the stick straight onto my face and blending it with my finger tips. It glides onto my cheekbones and leaves them looking nice and glowy.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this highlighter. For only $2.99, there's absolutely nothing to complain about. It's a great highlighter and is not overpowering either. It's really nice formula and blends really well.

You can buy Born Pretty's highlighter here for only $2.99.
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Have you purchased anything from Born Pretty before? What is your favourite highlighter to use?

*This item was sent to me for review purposes, however all opinions are honest and my own