If there's one product that I don't own enough of it's blusher. I only have a couple and the shades are exactly the same. I'm not sure why it is, but I've always found myself reaching for other products in shops to buy and have never really paid attention to the blushers. Therefore the final item I chose from the Born Pretty store was a blusher

The Born Pretty store had a wide range of blushers to choose from and many different colours, but I decided to pick shade number one, a bright baby pink colour. The other shades I own are more of a coral shade, therefore I wanted to pick something different. I love the baby pink shade, it gives the perfect flushed cheek look. It really adds a nice colour. This blusher is really pigmented. I only wear a subtle blush on most days and never like to put too much colour on my cheeks therefore, I find that I only need to put a little powder on the brush to get my desired look. However, if I want to wear a little more makeup for a night out, I can build it up also. 

The plastic packaging isn't the nicest and I am a little wary about it breaking if it's in my handbag as it isn't too sturdy. It does come with a mirror and a small brush which is a nice touch if you need a mirror on the go. The blusher is really soft, therefore really easy to blend. At $3.99 I feel like this blusher is really a bargain, as long as you don't mind waiting a week or two for shipping. There's some really gorgeous colours to choose from, I'm definitely tempted by a few. You can buy this Born Pretty blusher here.

I also have a 10% discount code: SAMMYH10

Have you purchased anything from Born Pretty before? What do you think of this blusher?
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