As I've mentioned in a recent post, I've been picking up a few Maybelline products recently and one of the items I came home with was Maybelline's Dream Flawless Nude Foundation. I've been a lover of Benefit's Hello Flawless for a long time and to be honest, I thought nothing would ever replace it and I would always repurchase it. Boots were giving small samples of this foundation after matching your skin tone to the right shade and I actually really liked it! There was also a buy one get one half price offer on with this foundation so I thought it would be rude not to!
Like I mentioned I'm a big fan of Benefit's Hello Flawless, so I was unsure that I would find something which was just as good and I liked as much. I've got to say, I worn this quite a lot since I picked it up just over a week ago and have very rarely been using Hello Flawless. First things first, as soon as opened the bottle to see the applicator I let out a little groan. I really dislike it and much rather it have a pump so I can control the amount of foundation I'm using. I've been putting the foundation on my hand with the applicator and using a foundation brush to apply it to my face. 

It's quite a runny consistency, but makes you skin feel silky when it's applied to the skin and blended. It gives your skin a really nice velvet feeling as well as a matte finish. Hello Flawless is a brightening foundation, so I'm happy to have a foundation with more of a matte finish in my collection and I feel like this foundation is more for day time wear because of this. Due to the matte finish I do find it highlights dry skin in certain areas which is one of its downfalls. It's a light weight formula, but gives good coverage. I've been wearing this foundation a lot for work because it's so light weight and when I put it on in the morning, it lasts the entire day. I am really happy with the longevity of it.

Even though this won't be replacing Benefit's Hello Flawless as my favourite foundation anytime soon, it's a very good second. I'm going to be using this for more of a day time foundation and saving Hello Flawless for more special occasions. I love the formula and the silky finish the foundation leaves on your skin. I will be most definitely repurchasing in the future.

Have you tried this foundation before? What is your favourite foundation to use?

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