Things I Love #11 | High Necks

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I have a problem. When I find a style of clothing I like, I can't just like it, I get obsessed with it and owning many variations. The same thing happened with patterned trousers a few months ago when I wrote a similar post to this one, every time I went shopping I came home with another pair of slightly different patterned trousers and now the next thing on my list to obsess over is high necked clothing, especially tops. 

I went on a little shopping trip this weekend just gone and I managed to buy three high neck tops and still came home and browsed for more online. Here are a few I found. I think the pale blue crop jumper is my favourite of the bunch. It just looks extremely comfy and the rolled neck looks very cosy and perfect for the cold winter air. I really like the crop style, that's why I've added a couple more onto this wish list too. I love both the tartan print and baby pink crop, but I think I'd style them quite differently The pink crop would be fabulous for a night out, where as I would wear the tartan one for day time with some high waisted trousers or jeans. 

Do you like the high neck trend? What is your favourite?

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