I feel like I'm extremely late to the party with this one and I really don't have an excuse. I received this in the Soap and Glory's The Next Big Thing gift set that was available around Christmas time, but before that I'd never tried it. I was so excited to give this a go as I have previously used Breakfast Scrub which is an amazing scrub and the Sugar Crush shower gel, which smells amazing. The two products combined I imagined would be the most perfect product. I was not too far off.

Like I've mentioned, I adore the Sugar Crush scent that Soap and Glory use in this range. It smells heavenly and is by far one of the best smelling products I've ever used. As soon as you open the lid the sweet, zesty lime scent hits you. It's very refreshing and really is good enough to eat, however I'm sure you are all familiar with the smell. The scrub is thick and gooey, but I find has a different texture and consistency compared to the Breakfast Scrub, however I actually prefer Sugar Crush as I find it slightly gentler on skin.

Sugar Crush is made up of  'smashed brown sugar, sweet lime, almond oil and macadamia grains' and aims to exfoliate your skin or like Soap and Glory likes to say, get rid of scaliness and 'old lizard legs'. I really like this scrub as I don't find the texture too rough on the skin however, it still gets rid of dry skin and softens them particularly problem areas like it aims to do. My problem area is my legs and I can honestly say it's really effective and leaves a really soft finish without them feeling greasy.

Overall, I'm really happy I finally had the chance to try Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush Body Scrub. It's a fantastic shower time scrub and smells absolutely delicious.

Have you tried this body scrub before? What is your favourite Soap and Glory product?

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