After years of buying bags from Primark and then them breaking every couple of months, I thought it was about time to spend a bit more and get a bit better quality as I realised I was just wasting money. As someone who doesn't have a lot of bags to choose from, I just wanted one that I could pretty much wear with everything. therefore black was simplest and best option. It's a perfect size for day to day. It nicely fits in my purse, glasses, mittens and a nice big book with no problem. Although I do wish it had more compartments as it only has a small zip in it. I don't know about you but, I sometimes have lots of small bits such as my phone, that I like to keep separate from the rest of my bag. It's just a very simple bag with with nice detailing on the flap and a big gold buckle. 

This bag only cost me £20 and although it's not much more expensive than Primark is, I am hoping it is better quality. So far so good. I'm going on a mini holiday with my boyfriend this weekend to York and bought this new bag to take with me whilst I'm travelling, therefore I'm hoping it holds up well! I've never purchased a bag from New Look before so it'd be interesting to know what you think about their bags. 

What is your favourite shop to buy bags?

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