I took my Kardashian obsession a little too far. I love the Kardashians and when I saw this t-shirt in Primark for only £4, I thought why not?! I just couldn't resist.
I'm trying to be more positive. I'm trying focus on the positives more in my life than the negatives, so what better way to remind myself of this than drinking tea out of this thermal mug! No, but seriously I thought it was a nice quote to remind myself this. I'm also in the process of printing a few quotes out to put on my wall. 
I fell in love with Avon nail varnishes. My mum bought me a big advent calender set of Avon nail varnish for Christmas and these are my two favourite of the bunch, a pastel turquoise and gold shimmery colour. Having never tried their nail varnishes before I didn't know what to expect, but they're really good quality! 
It snowed. I actually hate the snow, but I took this picture to send to my boyfriend to prove I actually went outside in it, most of the time I avoid it whenever possible! This photo was taken just after Christmas and I am pleased to announce that we haven't had any snow since. Even though I'm smiling in this photo, you can't see the fear in my eyes! 

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Anyone else dislike snow as much as me?

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