The Christmas Tag


What's your favourite Christmas movie?
I have so many, how could I possibly pick one?! Home Alone and Muppets Christmas Carol will always have special places in my heart, they remind me of my childhood and family. Although I'm not a fan of chick flicks, I absolutely love Love Actually and I love snuggling down to watch it every Christmas. Another favourite, strange as it may seem is Die Hard. They have been on the Sky Christmas film channel, so I stand by the face that they are Christmas movies! And the Nightmare Before Christmas, told you I can't pick one!

What are your favourite Christmas colours?
I love silver at Christmas, but I can't dismiss the classic reds and greens. For wrapping paper I do like simple brown paper with red and white decorations. 

Do you like to stay in your PJ's or dress up for Christmas?
PJ's all the way. I get new PJ's, dressing gowns and socks etc, every Christmas and always seem to throw them up as soon as I get them. I do like getting dressed up though, but Christmas day I just want to relax in comfy clothes. Boxing Day is when we visit family and dress up all fancy for a Christmas dinner.

Do you open your presents Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Christmas morning of course! The majority on Christmas Day and we go and visit other family Boxing Day and open that side of the family presents then. It's like having two Christmas mornings. It's very exciting. 

Have you ever built a gingerbread house?
No never!  I really don't like gingerbread so I'm guessing I never will. 

What do you like to do during your Christmas holidays?
You can't beat Christmas television, so I love nothing more than  getting all comfy and cosy and watching Christmas films and tv specials. I also like spending time with family and friends 

Any Christmas wishes?
I'm struggling a bit job wise at the moment and only doing temporary work here and there, so I'd love something permanent. But, that's a bit selfish, so I wish for a happy and healthy Christmas for all the family. 

Favourite Christmas meal or treat?
My favourite Christmas treat is all the fancy chocolate that I get on Christmas day that I wouldn't normally have. These are normally eaten for breakfast! We don't have anything different for a Christmas meal than what we normally would. We are a family of vegetarians so, nothing changes much. 

Have you done this tag? What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
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