My Christmas 2014

How fast did the Christmas period go?! It seems only yesterday I opened the first door of my advent calendar and now I'm sitting here a few days before January writing about my Christmas. I didn't get many pictures of the day because I was just spending time with my family and completely forgot! But I thought I'd still do a little post about how I spent my day and feature a few gifts I received. I have really enjoyed readings everyone's post about how they spent their Christmas and their gifts. Although I don't feel comfortable doing a full 'what I got for Christmas' post you will be seeing little bits and bobs on my blog in the new year, 

It's just our little family normally on Christmas Day, the four of us, so we spent the day eating food, opening presents and playing board games. Boxing Day is when we visit family and the same thing happens all over again except there's a lot more of us and a trip to the pub is added in there. It was also the day that it snowed! I'm sorry to say, that I really don't like snow. Although I do wish that we had a white Christmas, but as soon as Christmas Day is over I want it gone! Above is a picture from yesterday, as you can see the snow is not leaving and it's still like that as I type this! It's so cold, thankfully I've got a ridiculous. soft bunny dressing gown to keep me warm.  

I had a wonderful Christmas and I'm very thankful to have all my family and friends around me enjoying their Christmas also. I hope you all had a lovely day! 

How did you spend your Christmas? Leave your links to your Christmas posts below! 

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