Little Things Lately #3

We visited the Lincoln markets. Last Saturday me and mum took a little day trip to Lincoln to visit their Christmas markets. They were huge, much bigger than what we get in Nottingham. We didn't do a lot of shopping, but we did do a lot of eating! There was lots of tasters and lots of yummy food. We than stopped for lunch at a tea room and had the most delicious chocolate peanut butter cake!
 We put up our Christmas tree.  This month started with the house being transformed into a Christmas grotto. Our family go completely over the top when it comes to decorating our house, we can't just have one tree and a little bit of tinsel here and there, we've got two singing Christmas clocks, two Christmas trees, simply just stuff everywhere. This is an ornament on our Christmas tree, we have this tradition where our gran buys us a new decoration every year. This is my favourite.
I started wrapping up presents. I get so excited about wrapping presents. I've gone a bit of the top with wrapping paper, bows, ribbons and tags this year, especially because the majority of the presents are for my boyfriend and I know he will not care, but I really enjoy making them look nice. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so it takes me longer than normal to wrap one present, so I'm only doing a few a night as my concentration completely begins to go. 
 I ate lots of yummy food at the Christmas markets. I can't go to the markets and not try out some sweet treats! On the left we have churros with cinnamon, sugar and dipped in milk chocolate and the right we have mini pancakes with chocolate fudge sauce! Both were equally delicious, I couldn't recommend them enough! 

Have you been to the Christmas markets yet? Are you excited for Christmas?
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