Things I Love #10 | Winter Candles

There's nothing I love more than setting a few candles in the Winter to make my room look and feel nice and cosy whilst it's freezing outside. At the moment I am burning the Yankee Wax Melt Sugared Apple (here). I prefer the wax melts so much more, not only are they really cheap to buy (only £2 online and can be found cheaper in other places) it allows you to try out lots of different scents without splashing out on one expensive candle. Sugared Apple is one of my favourites. It's sweet, but not too strong and is a perfect winter scent for your home. Vanilla Satin and Almond Macaroon will be next to burned. The flower candles are also really sweet looking, that I don't like to burn them! They came in a pack of four and two have gone already that I trying to save these. They're lovely. 

A couple of more my favourite scented candles are Salted Caramel, which I seem to find is quite a hit or miss scent. Personally, I love it, it smells of rich caramel. I do find it is quite strong, but I don't mind as it smells divine. Strawberry is another one of my favourites, it literally smells good enough to eat. Although this one is a little more for Summer, it's gorgeous and fills the whole house. 

What are your favourite candles?

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