Things I Love #9 | Patterned Trousers

For a girl who never used to wear trousers up until recently, I am obsessed with them now. I have also found myself particularly drawn to patterned ones, even my family know how much I love them and keep picking them out for me. Here's a few I've spotted recently and want to add with my ever growing collection.

First up is these floral print cigarette trousers from Topshop. I just love the print on these, I don't think I own anything green? It's not a colour I normally wear, but I'm really to drawn to these and the gorgeous print. I am a big fan of cigarette trousers, they can look really smart or you can make them look totally glam. I also find they are really flattering on my body shape. 

Second, are these monochrome polka dot leggings from New Look. I feel like I'm cheating a little bit as these are leggings and not trousers, but you need a little comfort in your life and these do look really comfy. Once again, I really love the print, it's simple and easy to wear. The side panel is a lovely extra detail and one I also think will be quite slimming.

And finally, windowpane cigarette trousers from Topshop. I have been seeing these checked style trousers everywhere and I have completely fallen in love with them. These cost £40 and are slightly outside my price range, so I'm looking for an budget alternative. Once again, I love the cigarette style of these and they are such a gorgeous pattern.

Do you own any patterned trousers? Which is your favourite?
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