Smooch Cosmetics

With their recent and exciting relaunch Smooch are back and describe themselves as 'cosmetics with sex appeal'. To be honest Smooch is a brand that I haven't heard an awful much about before I won this goodies in their twitter competition, but when I tried out these four products, they would be a brand I'd remember.

The packaging is the first thing I want to talk about as I had very good first impressions of this brand because of it. The packaging bases itself on the concept that make up is a little like underwear, as in you have the items you save for special occasions, there are some items you use to accentuate certain areas etc, and the packaging was meant to reflect that. I really like that idea and it sets itself apart from other brands due to that. I love the use of lace and the girly and fun feel of the packaging.
The first things I noticed and were excited to try out were these two lipsticks. These are called 'Trolley Dolly' and 'Kiss Me Cupid'. Trolly Dolly is a bright, bubblegum pink whilst Kiss Me Cupid is a darker pink colour. Both the colours are gorgeous and bold, however, it's Kiss Me Cupid I'm drawn to more, it's a colour I know suits me better  and I feel is more appropriate for this time of year. The lipsticks are really moisturising to the lips and aren't drying in the slightest. The moisturising element means these lipsticks have a slight shine to them. I normally almost only wear matte lipsticks, they're my favourite type to wear and although this won't be changing any time soon, it's nice to wear something different. In terms of longevity, these are quite good and for £2.50, I can't really complain. Trolly Dolly you can currently buy on Amazon for £2.50 here, however it doesn't seem that Kiss Me Cupid is available at this time.
The next item I received was this Duo Eye Shadow Palette 'Dare to Bare'. The palette consists of these two gorgeous colours. The left colour is the lighter of the two and is a creamy/gold colour and the right is a lot darker and more of a golden brown. The thing I love about the shades is the shimmer in the colour, and the darker shade has a rose gold running through which is lovely. The lighter shade is nice to put in the corner of the lid, to brighten and open up that area and the darker shade on the lid. I don't find the shades are particularly really pigmented, but this can easily be built up. You can buy this from Amazon here for £1.50.
Finally, is this blusher  in the shade 'Cookie Crumble'. It's a light brown, pink colour which would be really nice for this time of year for a subtle, just come in from the cold blush. My pet hate about blushers is glitter. I don't know what it is, but I really don't like it. I don't mind having a bit of glitter in my eye shadow, but not on the cheeks. Thankfully, the glitter is quite subtle so I'll probably still get some use out of, but personally it's not normally one for me. You can buy this for £1.50 on Amazon here

Overall, I'm very impressed with this brand. On first impressions the packaging is so lovely, but the make up is really good and nice to use also, the lipsticks being my favourite of the bunch, 

Have you tried this band before?

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