My Saturday | The Christmas Markets

We headed into town last Saturday as we had a few errands to run and presents to buy. The first stop was to get my eyes tested. It took over an hour for the test to be finished and I hadn't had chance to have breakfast, so the first thing we did was fill our stomachs. We headed to a new bar/restaurant that had opened in town and I went for the vegetarian full English breakfast. It was delicious and I'm not ashamed to say that most of it was eaten. 
We did a little bit of shopping, but I hardly got anything! I'm always reluctant to spend money on presents out and about because I always think I can get it cheaper online somewhere else. I did get a few ideas and I came home and ordered some bits, but it wasn't a successful trip in all. After all that was done, we went around the markets. I don't find the Nottingham Christmas markets that impressive compared to what I know the Manchester markets are like, but I sill love looking around them. 

We watched a few ice skaters and a fire breather skate to 'Zero to Hero' from Disney's Hercules which was pretty fun, then we had a look round. It was early Saturday afternoon so the markets were really busy, however I quite like it. There's a lovely atmosphere, amazing smells and lots of little stalls to explore. My favourite being the fudge, I didn't manage to buy any on Saturday, but I went back today and bought a few to take home. My favourite being Sea Salt Caramel. If anyone wants to know what to get, I really recommend it!  
Finally, what I went up for in the first place, some new glasses! It was the first time I had an eye test and these are my first pair of glasses. It's taking me a while to get used to them and I always forget to wear them, but I quite like them. 

How did you spend your Saturday?
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