Little Things Lately #2

I've been unwell and did a little shopping to cheer myself up. I actually had tonsillitis at the beginning of last week and didn't end up doing a lot. I ate a lot of ice cream, drank a lot of lucozade and did a little bit of shopping. I recently did a post about my love for patterned trousers (here) and I was really excited to find these in the Dorothy Perkins sale for only £10!

I've been loving the magazine freebies. I was super happy to pick up this Nails Inc colour in this months Glamour, it's such a bargain. I actually went back to pick up another one, oops. This also included 20% off H&M and body shop card that's worth either £3, £15, £100 or £1000. Next up is to the find the Benefit eye liner. 

I've found my new favourite Winter drink. I mention Whittards Hot Chocolate a lot on my blog, but I think I've found a new favourite this year. Magic stars with actual mini stars. It's been my go to drink if I need warming up plus the fact it's absolutely delicious. 

I went to watch the fireworks at my local pub. When we were little we used to have fireworks in my back garden followed by mushy peas, jacket potato's and hot dogs. As we got older the tradition died a little, but this year we kind of did it again, we watched the fireworks at our local pub and went home to lots of yummy food. Although, I've got to say, fireworks are no where near as exciting as I found them when I was younger. 

What did you do for bonfire night? How has your week been?

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