A Few of My Favourite Things Tag

I've seen this tag floating around recently and I've been really enjoying reading people's answers, so I thought I'd give it ago myself. The idea is that you answer with the first three things that comes to mind. So here we go..

1. Products/things: Kate Moss lipsticks, Flowerbomb, cosy jumpers
2. Foods: Cheesy chips, chocolate, crumpets
3. Places: Manchester, Majorca, Paris
4. Things you'd miss if you didn't have them: My boyfriend, my phone, reality television
5. Things you do when you're bored: Snapchat, blog, watch a film
6. Things you enjoy when it's sunny: Park days, the seaside, Ben and Jerrys
7. Films: Little Miss Sunshine, Hairspray, The Usual Suspects
8. Songs: Delicate - Damien Rice, Inside My Love - Delilah, Partition - Beyonce
9. Brands: Benefit, Viktor and Rolf, Soap and Glory
10. Outdoor things you like: Countryside walks, going to the beach, camping
11. Events: Christmas Day, Easter, Birthdays 
12. Cartoons: Powerpuff Girls, Dexters Lab, Recess
13. Buildings: Museums, my home, Topshop!
14. Anything in everyday life: The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills, slippers, nutella
15. Traits in a person: Humour, supportive, reliable  
16. Influences: Family, friends, bloggers
17. Drinks: Magic Stars hot chocolate, cup of tea, apple juice
18. Experiences: Visiting Paris, graduating university, first plane ride
19. Things to watch: Dexter, Walking Dead, American Horror Story
20. Youtubers: Hannah Maggs, Tyler Oakley, In The Frow
21. Blogs: The Londoner, Milk Bubble Tea, Little Winter
22. Books: I Am Pilgrim, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Never List

Let me know if you've also done this tag!

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