TK Maxx Boots

I shopped in TK Maxx for one of the first times a few weeks ago. I've always avoided the shop as it always seemed really busy and I hated searching through all the racks to try and find something I liked. I popped in because my mum wanted to look for a handbag, we ended up being in there for around an hour as I got a little carried away, I loved it in there. 

One thing I was really impressed with was the shoe section. It was huge. I was so impressed with the range of styles and sizes and I am really happy I spotted these boots. They were exactly the thing I was looking for, chunky ankle boots with a little bit of a heel. Even as a tall girl, I love a bit of a heel.  I have also never owned a pair of lace up boots, I have cut out boots, zip up boots, Chelsea boots, but never lace up boots and I love them. They are so comfortable as well, which is something I normally struggle with, I'm not totally sure why, but I can wear these all night and have no issues whatsoever. Although they my not be totally appropriate for Winter and when the ground get's a little icy, they're perfect for now. These only cost me £20!

Do you enjoy shopping at TK Maxx? Where is your favourite place to buy shoes?
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