September Favourites

I don't even know what to say about this month, it's been pretty dull to say the least. I've just been working and really haven't had much of a social life. It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I had such a lovely day, one of the best birthdays I had in a while. I did a post about the gifts I received, but the day consisted on seeing Jersey Boys the musical, going out for a delicious meal and then drinks in the evening. It was a lot of fun. Enough of that, onto my September favourites..

I'm going to start off with the beauty bits I've been loving this month and first off is DGJ Organics Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. I actually won a whole load of these products in a competition recently, although I haven't tried everything just yet, I'm really enjoying using these two products. I've since I've started using Argan Oil I feel like it's been a life saver to my hair. I've been dying my hair since I was 15 years old as well as a little bit of dip dye thrown in there and I feel like my hair is in much better condition then it was. I was very excited to see these as I've never used shampoo and conditioner with Argan Oil in before. As well as containing organic ingredients, the Argan Oil products have helped strengthen, repair and nourish my locks. 

This MAC eyeshadow is actually the first MAC product I've every owned. The shade is 'Satin Taupe' and it's a gorgeous bronze colour. I don't own expensive eye shadows, just a few high street brands, MUA for example, so it's a big jump to this. I can really tell the difference in quality and I'm really enjoying wearing it. I normally wear this with a cat flick on the top lid. 

Moving on to the next thing in my favourites, is the book I Am Pilgram by Terry Hayes. I don't feature a lot of books on this blog, but I had to include this in my favourites as I really enjoyed it. It's a modern spy, crime thriller. I'm not normally one for spy books, but this definitely has a different feel to it. Scott Murdoch takes the narrative as we follow him as an retired agent who gets pulled back into elite intelligence to stop a terrorist plot, along side solving a murder. The writing is brilliant and I really couldn't put it down. 


Well, here's a little bit of a cheeky plug. I've been making a lot of chokers and have been wearing some now and again. It's so strange to me because I remember wearing them when I was very young in the 90's and its strange to think it's come back round. Here's a few that I'm currently selling online, the silver planet choker is definitely my favourite.

You can visit my shop here.

Please ignore my no makeup face in this picture. Finally, a fashion favourite. I recently did a little bit of cheeky online shopping. This playsuit is one of the few things I bought from Missguided and my favourite. I don't normally wear tight things, ever. I've been eating a lot better recently and exercising a lot more and I'm starting to feel a little more confident and went for a skin tight number. I love the contrasting floral print, I've never seen anything like it. I had to do a little DIY as the pockets stuck out, giving me a unflattering shape, but it's nothing my gran can't fix! 

What are you favourite things from this month? Would you like to see more book reviews etc featured here? Let me know in the comments below! 

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