Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish | 01

I had a little bit of a disaster this weekend, not a real life disaster, more of a beauty blogger kind of disaster. I packed a bag to visit a couple of friends from university and took one daytime lipstick and one for the night time. I lost my night time one straight away and rushed out to buy a new one in the exact shade. Unfortunately, it had sold out and I ended up picking the next best thing, Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish in shade '01'. I'm sure we've heard all about these before as they seem to be very popular in the beauty blogging world and that's no surprise.

I love wearing lipstick. Whenever I go out I don't feel right unless I have a little bit of lipstick on. My face could be completely bare, but as long as I've got a little bit of colour on my lips, I'm happy. The Kate Moss lipsticks in particular are my favourite, I have a few different kinds of lipsticks to choose from, but my hand always seems to wander towards this brand.

It's no shock why, everything about these lipsticks are spot on. The black packaging is sleek with the signature red Kate on the front. I do wish the product would have been named, rather than just '01'. I know this doesn't really make a difference to the product itself, but it's a nice little detail to have. The formula is beautiful and I find it glides on with ease. I did find that the lipstick was slightly different than the others that I own, as it's got more of a shine to it. It's between being matte and shiny, therefore is not drying or moisturising either, it's a nice in-between.

Once again, the lasting power is really good and find it lasting for 5+ hours. I think sometimes with bright, bold colours I find myself becoming slightly self concious that it's smudged or looks patchy or messy. I check quite regularly if I'm out in public and make sure it still looks neat and top it up if I need to, but I'm not sure if that's just me.

The colour is gorgeous and I'm so glad I decided to get a new colour and get this one in particualr. It's a bright, bold red, but slightly darker than other red lipsticks. For example, shade 111 'Kiss of Life' also describes itself as a bright red, but 01 is slightly darker with a hint of berry. I feel like I'd prefer wearing it for Autumn/Winter. It's highly pigmented shade and I always seem to wear this bright and bold, but you can also build it up until you find the insensitivity you're looking for. 

I think Kate Moss 01 is such a bargain, only costing £5.49 and is excellent value for money. I don't have any complaints about this lipstick, except I wish it was named, but that doesn't take anything away from the product itself. It's a beautiful shade, an amazing formula and I definitely will be wearing it more in Autumn/Winter. 

Do you own this lipstick? What is your favourite Kate Moss shade?

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