Maybelline Master Graphic Eye Liner

After using the same brand of liquid eye liner for over a year now, I thought it was about time I stop being so safe and buying the same trusty eye liner every time I run out and try something new. Something new was the Master Graphic Eye Liner by Maybelline. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't have a flick of liquid eye liner on my top lid, therefore I needed something good to make me change my normal eye liner routine. 

I hadn't heard of Maybelline bringing out a liquid eye liner and even at the Maybelline counter at boots I still didn't realise. The packaging was not particularly eye catching to me and the name 'Master Graphic' didn't feel unique so I just kind of glanced past it. I saw that it was on offer and took off the cap to have I look and realised that I have to try it out. Here's why..

I loved the idea of the angled tip. I had never used an eye liner or seen one with this before. As someone who obsesses over having the perfect cat flick, I thought this would make the process so much easier and I was right! It's an angled liquid felt tip which helps create the thickness and definition you are looking for. As you can see from the photograph below, you can create thin and thick lines with no problems at all and also creates a sharp edge. I find that this makes the flick a lot easier as you can control the thickness. It's a joy to use. 

The colour is extremely pigmented which I'm really happy about as I love the dramatic look with graphic lines. This also doesn't fade as the day goes on. The longevity is amazing and stays put all day without me having to retouch it. I find eye liner really irritating to retouch as you want your eyes liner to be symmetrical, retouching can sometimes make it uneven. In addition, it dries very quickly onto the lid, so I've never had a problem of it smudging into the crease of my eye lid as I awkwardly wait for it to dry, which is can sometimes happen with eye liners.

Overall I am so happy that I decided to try something new. The angled tip of this eye liner is brilliant and makes the process of applying a perfect sharp edged cat flick a lot easier. The packaging isn't the most exciting out there but the longevity, pigmentation and application definitely makes up for it. 

SCORE: 9/10

You can buy this eye liner from Boots for £5.99 here or you can buy a bundle of Maybelline products including this eye liner for £12.99 here.

Have you tried this eye liner before? What is your favourite eye liner to use?

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