Little Things Lately

I went out for a delicious birthday meal. Even though my birthday was a month ago, we've only just found the time to go out! Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the food, I wolfed it down as soon as I saw it. We went to Annies Burger Shack in Nottingham, it has over twenty kinds of burgers with many combinations. I love going there as a vegetarian as for every burger there is a veggie or vegan option. I drank Rose Lemonade, even though I'm not one for fizzy drinks, I love this stuff. The bottles are cute too, I always want to sneak one in my bag to decorate my room with.

 I found some bargains in my local charity shop. I found a couple of Yankee tarts in my local charity shop for 25p a piece. 'Sugared Apple' was my favourite from the bunch, a lovely strong sweet scent.

 My mum bought me some roses. I don't have fresh flowers in my room very often and hardly ever get flowers bought for me (so sad) so I was excited to have these in my room. They brighten the place up. 

I got a new phone case. I found this case in Urban Outfitters on sale from £12 to £4 and I love it. I love anything with animals and this adorable panda phone case is just perfect for me.

How has your week been?
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