Halloween Decorations

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Looking at the Halloween decorations wish list I put together I realised that they're not very frightening in the slightest and cutesy more than anything! I've never been one for Halloween, I've never really done anything for it my whole life and when I do, I rarely make a lot of effort with the costume (scary cat anyone?) However, I love the home decorations I've seen popping up recently. 

I love the pumpkin themed items. Firstly, are these pumpkin led lights. You can get two sets of these for £8.99. They're really cute, (if you're going for cute on Halloween) and a perfect little home decor item for your home or for throwing a Halloween party. The pumpkin tea light candles are only £1.25 each and would really give a cosy feel to your home. Sitting on a mantle piece or dining room table would help get your house in the Halloween spirit. Next, onto the balloons, still not very scary, but you can buy 15 of them for £1.05, which are prefect for a Halloween party on a budget. 

I really like the colours of these cut out bats, I think they go really nicely together. I also find these would be nice for a house with children as they are quite sweet and not particularly frightening. These are good to stick on your walls or around the fireplace and you can get a pack of 10 for £1.49. The next item might not be as child friendly, a skull shot glass. You can get this for around £2 and it's  Halloween house party essential. Finally, my favourite of them all, Ghostly Treats Yankee Candle. This is described as having a gooey toasted marshmallows scent which sounds absolutely delicious to me. I'd love to try these out. 

What are you doing for Halloween? What is your favourite decoration?

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