Avon Mega Effects Mascara | Blackest Black

I've wanted this mascara as soon as I heard about it. I've talked many times about how mascara is the one beauty product I could not live without and I am always on the look out for something new. Although my mum and various people I know are massive fans of Avon, I've never been interested myself. I think it's because I can't physically hold the products in my hand as they're all ordered out of a catalogue. Without holding the products you don't get a proper feel of them and what they are like to use, in terms of the exact colour, what the wands like etc. However, I saw this, read a few reviews and knowing there was nothing else like it (that I had seen) on the market, I bought it. 

So this is what it looks like..  I was a little bit confused by its packaging and it took me a few moments to understand how you actually get the brush out of the packaging. Once I figured it out though, my first impressions were very good. It's new and different and I like that. As you can see, you pull the applicator out of the pot and go from there (great description). The handle is adjustable which means you can hold it at lots of different angles for the best application, you can change the angle for top lashes, bottom lashes, roots etc. Although I don't personally adjust the brush that much, I do see how it can be a useful little extra to have for some people. The wand I also really like. The whole application did take a little bit of practising to find the right angles for the best application and keep it neat and as the wand is a bit like a painting brush, that took a little bit getting used to as well. 

That's all the technical aspects over with, how did I get on with this 'Wonderbrush? This mascara is designed to give more volume and coverage than other mascaras on the market and aims to do this from corner to corner. However, although I find it gives amazing definition and volume, I wouldn't say that this brush is the way forward and is a better design for mascara application. The bristles on the brush are really small so reach every single lash and like it aims to, corner to corner. My lashes look longer and voluminous. I did find doing my bottom lashes with this product slightly difficult. I found my bottom lashes looked slightly clumpy as well as finding it difficult to apply onto my tiny bottom lashes in a delicate area. Most of the time more ended up on my skin than the lashes itself, for that reason I will not be using it on my bottom lashes in the future, however, I am more than happy to use it on my top. 

The final thing I have to say about this mascara is that the product itself is very wet. I've never used a mascara as wet as this one. I'm not sure if this is a bad thing, but it's something to be aware of before buying in case you don't like these sort of formula. Other things to note about this mascara is that it is flake-proof and sweat-proof. 


This product has been described as gimmick, but I certainly don't agree. It can rival a lot of high street brands with its new and innovative way of applying mascara. It give great length and definition and although I don't think the brush is great for bottom lashes, I still really enjoy using it. 

Have you tried this mascara before? What is your favourite mascara to use?

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