Paperchase Purchases

I love Paperchase. I can spend a lot of time in the shop happily walking up and down the aisles, making sure I don't miss a single item. There wasn't a lot of things that I needed, although I did want to walk away with the entire shop, I restrained and bought the two things I needed, a notebook and a diary. 

I picked up this notebook for £8 and I think it's absolutely adorable. I love all the different woodland animals that are on the cover and the overlapping of pink. I am such a fan of Paperchase stationary and I don't feel bad about splashing out a little bit because I know they're such good quality. This is no different and I love the thick front cover. It's a perfect size to pop into my handbag and take around with me.

I also purchased this owl academic diary. Anything with owls on I am drawn to, if you couldn't tell by the name of this blog. It's perfect for what I need it for as it has many different sections such as a planner, diary, address book and notes section. As well as getting my life organised, I am using it for blogging too. I have been planning when and what posts are going up, when to take photos for my blog and when to start trying out products for review. 

Have you made any purchases from Paperchase recently?

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