Clothes Haul featuring Topshop, New Look and Forever 21

It's my birthday next Saturday and as I'm not going to be home for it this year, my mum and I decided to celebrate a week early and travel to Birmingham to do a spot of shopping and have some lunch. I may have spent my birthday money, before my birthday (oops), but you need something nice to wear for your birthday don't you?

I've seen these long cardigans a lot recently and I really like the one that I found in H&M. It cost £14.I thought this was such a bargain especially because these are the sort of prices you would pay for Primark cardigans now days, It's a gorgeous pattern and it's perfect as a throw on as the days start to get colder. This actually short sleeved which is a nice change as I have so many that are long sleeved. 

I bought this coat from Red Herring, which is quite strange for me as I don't think I've ever bought something from Red Herring before. I was on the hunt for a new coat from the get go and this is actually the first one I saw. I decided to shop around a bit, but I didn't see when I liked as much as this one. It cost £65 which I think it quite a good price for a coat. Coats are usually investment pieces that will definitely get their wear out of. I wanted a good quality one that will last and keep me warm this Winter and I fell in love with this one. 
Isn't this just the cutest smock dress? This is from Henry Holland. I've always been a massive fan of Henry Holland for it's quirky clothing and animals incorporated into his designs. Although I sometimes feel too old to wear some of his designs, I loved the little panda print on this one. I had always wanted the fox smock dress from Asos, but never got round to purchasing it, but after seeing this one, I'm so glad I waited. I love the smock dress style and the shirt element. I think it's so flattering. 

New Look
One on the main reasons I wanted to go shopping in the first place was to purchase a birthday dress. I will be going to a show in the afternoon and out for drinks in the evening so I wanted an outfit that I can have for both. I love the patterned of this dress and the skort playsuit style, but I was worried that the shape wouldn't suit me. Luckily, it fits perfectly and I'm really excited to wear it now!
Another shop, another jacket. I'm trying to update my wardrobe a bit, say goodbye to pretty little dresses. As I've started working I need some smart things to wear for work and what I can wear casually too. I adore this jacket and it has such a lovely fit to it.

There is actually a top there I swear, it's just seemed to blend into my door. This top is also along the lines of updating my wardrobe. I love this top because it's nothing like I'd normally wear. I'm really trying to branch out and I'm not normally one for frilly tops. I also love this because it was in the tall section. I've spoken about my issues I have when buying clothes before because I'm tall. The tall section in Topshop is always so tiny and the petite sections are always so big, it makes me sad as there's so many things I'm unable to buy. For example, I saw the most gorgeous skirt and I really wanted to buy it, but the regular size was just ridiculously short there was no way I could buy it, so this was the only thing I came out with. 

Forever 21

We don't have a Forever 21 in Nottingham, so I was so excited when I found out there was one in Birmingham. I had massive hopes as I've shopped there a few times before, but I was left quite disappointed. The only thing I picked up was a tartan scarf, I wanted one last year when they seemed to be everywhere, but I could never bring myself to spend a lot for a scarf. I picked this one up for £5. 

Do you own any of these items? What have you picked up recently?

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