Things I Love #6 | New Look Shoes

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There's only one place I normally look if a need a pair of nice new shoes and that's New Look. They have the perfect balance between quality and price. Primark have some amazing  bargains, but when you're buying from Primark, you know that they're not going to last too long. New Look are the opposite, if I know I have an event coming up or looking for the perfect pair of sandals, they have such a wide range of shoes that I'm bound to find something I'll fall in love with and it definitely helps that they have a section for wide feet! 

I was browsing their shoe section recently as they have such a good sale on and these were some pairs that I fell in love with (plus others, I may have made a few cheeky purchases!). They're all perfect for summer. I didn't realise how much I loved ankle strap shoes until I finished this wish list and every pair or shoes were ankle strap. I took a few out for a bit of variety, but I kept my favourite number 3 - the pale blue ankle strap heels. I'm am loving pale blue shoes at the moment as I also picked number 4 - the pale blue chunky heels. It makes my a change from white shoes which I have bought many pairs of recently and with another on the way! 

Which are your favourite? Do you own any of these pairs? Where do you shop for shoes?

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