Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara

Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara
Rimmels Wonder'full Mascara

As I've mentioned many of times on this blog, I simply love mascara. I love even more trying out new ones to add to my daily makeup routine. When I first heard about Rimmel releasing a brand new mascara I was instantly excited. When I heard about the Argan Oil element, I signed up to the mailing list so I could go out and buy it as soon as it hit the shelves. So here we are, a couple weeks later and once again talking about mascara on my blog. I need help.

As I mentioned, why I was so excited about Rimmels Wonder'Full was the Argan Oil. I absolutely love Argan Oil and I think it has done wonders for my hair since I started using it, so I was really intrigued by this element. It claims to make your lashes feel soft and well conditioned. Although, I personally can't say that I feel like the Argan Oil is making a difference to my lashes just yet, it does have many other great properties. It also claims to be a clump free mascara, which I absolutely agree on! Many mascaras claim this, but do not deliver and it's fair to say this mascara does. It lengthens your lashes beautifully without making them feel heavy and weighed down.

Rimmels Wonder'full Mascara

I am normally a fan of thick bristles brushes, so I wasn't too pleased when I saw a plastic wand, however for this mascara I think it worked. The brush is quite big and allows you brush from the root of the lashes to the tip easily. The thin bristles really glide through your lashes, lengthening every single lash and separating them beautifully. So if like me, you're not normally a fan of these kind of brushes I definitely recommend giving it a chance, I was very pleasantly surprised. 

I think I've mentioned this a few times on this blog that I am a big fan of full dramatic lashes and if you're looking for a mascara to deliver this kind of results, then this is not for you. Although the mascara claims to be for volume, I found that it was more effective at lengthening my lashes more than anything else. That's not a bad thing, it lengthens them beautifully, but it isn't what I expected. I would not wear this on a night out, but this mascara is perfect for day wear and more of a natural make up look. 

Overall, I am really impressed with this mascara. Although it is not what I expected in terms of volume, I really like it! I love the formula of the mascara, the element of Argan Oil and how it makes me lashes look; clump free and beautifully lengthened. 

SCORE: 8/10

You can buy Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara here. It currently has an offer on where you can save £2 and buy this little beauty for £5.99 instead of the full price of £7.99. 

Have you tried this mascara? What is your favourite mascara?

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