Chester Zoo

Recently, we took a little day trip to Chester Zoo. I've been to Twycross Zoo a few times, but in comparison Chester Zoo is so much bigger with a wider range of animals, I was so excited to go. The weather for the day was almost unbearable, it was so hot with hardly any breeze or clouds, it was a little uncomfortable to say the least, however, little breaks in the shade and a top up of sun cream kept us going (I still got burnt). We were really lucky to see a few of the animals that are normally quite hidden, such as the lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) The giraffes and the bat cave had to be my favourite. I was full on terrified about going into the bat cave after a chat with a man who worked at the zoo. The bats whizzed by my ears making me jump quite a few time but it was actually really fun! I also stopped for a delicious crepe made up of peanut butter, chocolate sauce and toffee ice cream. 

Have you visited Chester Zoo before?
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