The Mascara Awards

Mascara is the first make-up item I ever wore. Around the age of twelve when girls were starting to discover make-up I always shied away from putting things on my face. However, I did stumble across clear mascara and thought I'd start wearing make-up without people noticing I had started wearing make-up. It was a free in a magazine, it probably wasn't very good, but I always got up that little bit earlier in the morning so I'd have time to put it on. 

My love mascara had grown since then. I am more than happy to stay with one kind of foundation and blusher for the rest of my life, but I love trying out lots of different mascaras from lots of different brands. Everyday, I spend the most time on mascara and use different mascaras for different things on my eyelashes. It is very rare that when I put my make-up on I stick to one kind! I need one for lengthening, one for volume, then sometimes I just use a dry mascara stick to separate the lashes. It's not a simple procedure! Therefore, I thought I do a little post sharing some mascaras I love in the form of The Mascara Awards. 

The Lengthening Award - Max Factor False Lash Effect

This is a beauty I accidentally stumbled across. Although it states that the 'False Lash Effect' provides volume, I do not find this the case on my lashes and I find it more effective for lengthening them. It is actually brown, which is not the colour I normally wear, but rather black being my  colour of choice. This mascara has a plastic wand which is something that I've never been a fan of before as I normally prefer the brushes. However, I was actually converted after only a couple of brushes on the lashes. It made lashes look noticeable longer without even the smallest sign of clumping. I love using this on my bottom lashes as the wand allows for more precise brushes without getting it on your skin under the lashes. I normally use a black mascara after I've used this to turn the brown lashes back to black. 

The Volume Award - Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves

When I first tried this mascara, I really didn't like it. I actually didn't use it at all for a couple of weeks after I bought it. One day I really need to give my lashes a little boost in volume and all my other mascaras were failing me so I gave this another chance. I am so glad I did and now I absolutely love it. With its curved brush and extreme black in colour Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves transforms my lashes from thin to voluminous. I think with this mascara you have to give it a chance, the mascara is quite thick in consistency and can be a little clumpy, however I do love this mascara for its volume. Like I mentioned before, I wouldn't just wear this mascara on it own, but with others, it gives your lashes a lovely voluminousness effect. 

The All-Rounder Award - Lancome Hypnose Dolls Eyes

My other two mascaras in my awards have been high street brands, however the All-Rounder Award and my all time favourite mascara has to be from the high-end brand Lancome. Hynose Doll Eyes is the mascara that I consider a treat. I maybe pick this mascara up once a year, due to it's quite expensive price, however it's well worth it. For length and volume it's perfect . It leaves no clumping and is really easy and nice to use on my bottom lashes too. It definitely takes after it's name for the 'dolls eyes' aspect as it really gives that dramatic false eyelash effect that I look for. I couldn't recommend this mascara enough. 

Obviously what works for my lashes, may not work on everyone else, but these mascaras have definitely made there way into my favourites for different reasons. 

What is your favourite mascara? What would make it onto your own Mascara Awards?

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