New Look White Chunky Sandals

I think I almost cried when I saw these shoes. I have been obsessed with white chunky sandals for a while now, but something in my head always said I wouldn't be able to pull them off. When I was in New Look recently I saw these in the corner of the store and as  there was only a couple left, I grabbed a pair. Luckily, one of the sizes they had left was my size and after trying them on, I had to get them. I just adore them and they're ridiculously comfortable too. At the  moment, I'm just wearing these with my 'mom' jeans and trousers, but I can't wait till the weather gets a bit hotter and I no longer have to wear tights and I can wear them shorts, skirts and dresses. I booked a last minute holiday recently and these are definitely listed under holiday essentials. 

This chunky sandals only cost me £24.99 and you can have a look yourself here.

How would you style these shoes?

 photo fcca96d0-e8cc-4b98-a473-4863f4299f57_zpsc2f78142.png

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