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Okay, I am a little obsessed with blue nail varnish at the moment. I'm blaming you beauty blogs. Max Factor is not a brand that I've really used before. I normally go straight to Seventeen, Maybelline and Rimmel. They're my go to brands. I've already mentioned a really good deal that Max Factor had recently where if you bought £15 worth of products, you get £27 worth of products free. I did a review on the Max Factor Face Infinity foundation here, but the other thing I picked up was the Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Varnish in Candy Blue (catchy title). 

I have a love/hate relationship with nail varnish. I love having freshly painted, beautiful coloured nails, but when they start to get chipped I get a bit lazy. If I'm not doing anything important for the next few days I leave them chipped, as removing nail varnish is a beauty regime I really don't enjoy doing. Colours like this make me want to keep up on top of my nails. 'Candy Blue' describes this colour perfectly, it's bright, fun and I love this colour for summer. It's a little bit darker than the £1 nail varnish by MUA in 'Bold Blue' (here) and although I prefer the lighter shade, I am still a massive fan of this colour. 

When applied to the nails, this nail varnish last for a couple of days without chipping. This is without a top coat. I am actually really please with this, compared to other nail varnishes that I own. The nail varnish is opaque with only two coats and leaves a lovely glossy finish on the nails. The only aspect of this nail varnish I don't like is the mini bottle. It only cost £3.99 so is a good way to try the nail varnish before you commit in buying a bigger and more expensive bottle, but along with the mini bottle, there is a mini brush too. I found it a lot harder to create a neat and precise coat and I did apply it a little clumsy. However, I am hoping this is something I just get used to in time. 

Overall, I just adore the colour 'Candy Blue' and I am really impressed with Max Factor's Max Effect Mini Nail Varnish, but I just wish the bottle was bigger!

Have you tried this nail varnish before? What is your favourite nail varnish to use?

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