Max Factor Face Infinity, 3 in 1 Foundation.

I am not one to explore foundations. I find it pretty difficult to find a formula I love and that matches my skin perfectly. For a long time I have been using Benefits 'Hello Flawless' foundation and I am more than happy to carry on using this for many many years. However, I recently saw an amazing offer at the Max Factor counter at boots that I thought I'd try a new one. The offer was that if I brought £15 or more of Max Factor products I would get £27 worth of products free in a little gift set. Therefore, I picked up the Max Factor Face Infinity foundation. 

This is actually a 3 in 1 foundations and is advertised as a primer, concealer in foundation all in one. As much as I love this idea, does it actually do what it advertises? I'm not sure. I use a primer before application the majority of time and although, I admit, my foundation stays put for a long time, I would expect more from a product that advertises itself as having a primer element. Compared to my Benefit foundation, Hello Flawless lasts a lot longer, whereas Face Infinity does tend to wear off quicker as the day goes on. However, I am still impressed with the longevity of this high street brand.  As for the concealer element, I'm not convinced. 

On to the foundation itself, it terms of the shade, it's pretty much perfect. Although I do prefer it to have a brightening element to it to give my face some radiance. When I was getting matched up, I explained to the lady that I'm normally the palest shade that's available, but the good thing about this range is that they have more shades available for those with fairer skin. It is a light coverage, so is good for the hotter days and has a SPF of 20. It leaves a silky matte finish and feels really nice on the skin as well as being easy to blend. 

I would highly recommend Max Factor's Face Infinity 3 in 1 Foundation as long as you do not expect much from the primer and concealer element. As a foundation, I'm glad I took the plunge as I really love it!

Have you tried this foundation before? What do you think? What other foundations would you recommend?

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