Clothes Haul featuring River Island, Primark and eBay,

If you don't already know, I am going on holiday for a few days and although it's not abroad and only for five nights, I still feel like that warrants getting some new clothes for it. Does anyone agree?! Any excuse. So here's what I bought.. 

River Island

Funnily enough, I never shop in River Island. I don't mean I never buy anything from there, I never normally go into the shop. With the big red sale signs and the rows and rows of clothes on sale I couldn't help but have a little walk around. The little walk around ending up taking a lot longer than expected and I was pleasantly surprised how nice some of the clothes were. 

Firstly, I picked up this pineapple print skirt. I admit, it's a bit in your face, but I love it. I don't think I have one item of clothing that is pink and although this isn't completely pink, it is a bit out of my comfort zone. I tried it on the in the changing rooms and I love the a-line fit and the quirky print. It completely won me over. It's only cost me £10 which I think is a bargain. Once again, the next item is a definitely a bit outrageous. This floral and check shirt has once again a quirky print that I love. It's bright, different and definitely a statement piece. I am currently on the lookout for something to pair with this shirt that will calm the outfit down. This shirt cost £12. Finally, yes, I did buy some winter boots on possibly one of the hottest days of the year so far. These beauties cost £20 and they were in my size so I just grabbed them. I've been lusting over white shoes recently and have never owned any white boots. I'm going to put these away for when the weather gets cooler. 


This bralet was featured on my most recent eBay wish list (here). Granted, I may be a little optimistic of the weather with this one, but after seeing all the gorgeous bralets selling in Topshop I needed one for myself. I ordered this one on Thursday night and it arrived Saturday morning and I can't tell you how happy I am with it.  I love the lilac dogtooth pattern as well as the fit. Once again I am on the hunt for something to wear this with. 


I made only one small purchase from Primark this week. I had actually bought a few more items, but I wasn't happy with them so I am taking them back soon. So I thought I'd just show you one item I am definitely keeping which is this gorgeous statement necklace. Primark is such an amazing place to buy jewellery they have such a wide range of pieces and you can normally get very similar jewellery to what is in more expensive high street shops, but just for a fraction of the price. I love this piece and the subtle hints of turquoise.

Do you like any of these pieces? Have you picked up any great sale items recently?

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