Summer Goals

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1. Explore my home town. There are so many places that I haven't explored on my doorstep, I also want to visit some events that Nottingham will be holding this summer. 
2. Go on holiday. Currently, I have no holidays plans, a holiday abroad would be nice, but I really wouldn't mind just going away for a couple of nights somewhere either.
3. Read 10 books. I know this isn't an awful lot but I want to get back into reading again as I've hardly read anything all year due to university. I have more spare time now so I'm hoping to pick up a book more often. At the moment I'm reading Eleanor & Park. I am loving it so far, it's a beautiful story. 
4. Go to a festival. Again I haven't booked anything yet, a music festival or food festival I will happily go to.
5. Start watching Game of Thrones. I know I'm supposed to have outdoorsy things on my goals list because it will be summer, but I want to get stuck into a new series, after Gossip Girl of course, and I have been nagged into watching this for a while.
6. Exercise at least five times a week. A walk around the park or time on the exercise bike will do. I'm not on a strict diet at the moment, but I would like to maintain my weight or lose a little. 
7. Become more organised with my blog. I realise I don't have a schedule and I post whenever I have time, but I'd love to become more organised. Plan posts in advance and post at least 2 - 4 times a week. 
8. Save, save, save. Now I'm working full time temporarily, I want to try and put some money away. Although I do want to splurge a little on a holiday, I want to get some money behind me for when I move out in the future. 

What are your summer goals?

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