Room Snippets

So I've moved back home! I finished university and moved out my student accommodation. As much as I wanted to make my room at university homely and cosy, it's so difficult as they're so strict on what you can do. The wallpaper was not exactly attractive and we were not allowed to use blue tack on the walls so I never felt comfortable in it, like it was never my room. It's so important when you're moving away to university that you feel comfortable in your room as it's such a big change.

When I moved back home this weekend and I had a huge sort out. I mean huge, I was contemplating selling clothes and other items but, they're was just too much stuff, I was feeling completely overwhelmed so I gave all of it to charity.  With my room all nicely sorted and tidied I decided it was time to show you a few snippets of my bedroom. My style is very girly, I love floral patterns and shabby chic items. I'll also give you a prize if you can spot the blogger favourties! 

 photo fcca96d0-e8cc-4b98-a473-4863f4299f57_zpsc2f78142.png

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