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Elf is a brand that I've never used before. Although I've been enticed by their low prices and amazing blog reviews, I have never tried the brand for myself and decided to take advantage of their 50% off code and free shipping. The minimum spend was £20, that means that I got all these items for a tenner. A tenner; I was so excited and couldn't wait for my order to arrive. Here's what I brought.. 

First and foremost, I was in desperate need of a powder brush after recently loosing mine. This one cost £3.95 and for the price, I was not expecting an awful lot, I just wanted to something to keep me going before I invested in a new one. I actually really like this brush. The quality isn't as good as the Real Techniques brushes and I find the bristles aren't as soft and a little stiff. But overall, still does a pretty good job and provides equal coverage. 

I am always a bit fearful of buying products that require skin matches online, just because of the countless times I get it wrong! I really struggle with matching the right colour for my skin tone even in shops and normally end up asking someone to help me! Ordering online is so much harder, although there seems to correlation emerging that I'm generally just the lightest shade they've got. Pale girls for you! Therefore, I just ordered the lightest shade in '#034' and hoped for the best. Luckily, this one is pretty much a perfect match. This powder also cost £3.95 and also comes with a handy mirror and applicator. In terms of how I feel about this product, once again I am quite impressed for the price! I have no complaints. 
This bronzer may just be one of my favourite product out of all the Elf goodies I received. I'm trying to update my makeup for summer and adding a little bit of bronzer and highlighter to my everyday look. I picked up this because I love the shades. I generally use them all, but I use the lighter one on my cheekbones for a subtle highlight. I'll probably do a full review on this product soon because I absolutely love it. Once again, only £3.95. 
And onto the rest.. I picked up an Elf Lip Stain in 'Crimson Crush'. I have never used lip stains before, I have tried a few swatches in Boots and other places before, but the pen like tip and formula really did not appeal to me. I needed to get my order up to £20 and decided to try this type of product once and for all and give my verdict. I still can't say I'm crazy about the concept, there's just something I don't like about the pen feel to this product. It literally feels like I'm just drawing on my lip and I much prefer the creamy texture of a lip stick. That being said, everything else about this product I can't complain about. The dark red colour I adore and I can't fault the longevity. Although I wouldn't say I'm converted to lips stains, it won't stop me from wearing this. 

The other day when I was in Boots, I was searching for a cream eyeshadow or eyeshadow stick everywhere, there were a few I found, but nothing I was completely happy in buying. When browsing the Elf website and I saw this, I couldn't wait for it to arrive. I got this eyeshadow stick in 'Turkish Coffee' and it was an absolute steal at £2.95. The colour is perfect bronze colour and it has amazing longevity. I will probably do a full review on this product soon.

These two little products I'm still finding my feet with. They are All Over Cover Sticks, one for the face and the other being for lips, eyes and cheeks. I picked up 'Ivory' for the All Over Cover Stick for the face. This can be used as either as a foundation or a concealer. For me, I'd rather use this as a concealer. Although to be fair, I haven't given this being a foundation a chance, I just find the formula suited to be a concealer. It's quite heavy and perfect to cover up blemishes. 

I ordered an All Over Cover Stick in 'Persimmon' for lips, cheeks and eyelids. The colour is actually beautiful and what you can't see in the photos is the rose gold running through it. Although I probably wouldn't use this on my lips, for the cheeks and eyelids the colour is brightening and has a gorgeous shine. As far as how I rate the product, I haven't had a real chance to use it to give an opinion. 

Elf doesn't seem to be having a 50% sale anymore, but they do currently have 25% off including sale items (here). The sale items are super cheap so if you're looking for bargain quality items, then I recommend taking a look. 

Have you ever ordered from Elf before? What do you think of their products?

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