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A Novel Gift is simply a site for book lovers. Whether you are looking for a card or  gift for a friend, family member or even for yourself there are some beautiful hand crafted items to choose from. A Novel Gift is a reflection of the creator Laura's love for classic literature with numerous books to choose from such as Jane Austen and Charles Dickens all individually crafted and tailored into gifts to your taste. 

When this little package arrive on my doorstep I loved how beautiful it looked. As you can see from the photos the bunting was wrapped in brown paper and tied with lilac twine to match the one on the bunting. When I unwrapped the package further, it was just as pretty. Your first impressions of a brand or product is the packaging and let's all admit it, we can judge a product on their packaging and love when something arrives at your door and looks lovely and sent with care. A Novel Gift certainly provided a good first impression.

This bunting (which can be found here) is carefully handcrafted out of pages of a Sherlock Holmes book. The bunting itself is ten pages long with each flag having a cut zig-zag along the edge. You can tell the love and care the item is made with, along with all the other products on the site as each product can be tailored to your taste. The novel, the colour of the twine and colours of the bows and buttons you can pick yourself! To match my bedroom I ended up picking the lilac twine and the lilac polka dot bows. It's a lovely little touch that the bunting will be completely unique to your personal preferences or will be a unique present. The one thing I was worried about was about damaging the flags trying to stick them on my bedroom wall as I thought the pages might be quite delicate, however, once they arrived I found there to be absolutely no problem. The flags are so sturdy and well put together there was no issue with them being damaged.

So if you have any book loving friends birthdays coming up or you just want to treat yourself (and why not?!) then you can find some beautiful unique gifts on A Novel Gift. Laura also has her own lifestyle blog (here) so why don't you take a look! 

What is your favourite book?

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*sent in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own.

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