Lifestyle | Paris Day Three.

I did not realise how gorgeous the weather was on the final day until I looked back through the photos. The sky was so blue as we explored the last few tourist spots we wanted to visit. Three days is not enough time to explore the whole city, we knew this when we booked it and because I had never been before we thought it would be best to see all the tourist attractions. 

We went to the Sacre Coeur early in the morning. We had seen it at night time, but we wanted to see it again in the day time. There were quite a lot of steps, I'm a very unfit lady so there might have been a few chocolate breaks on the way up! But when we got to the top, the view was absolutely beautiful. We stayed there for a while before making our way down and having a little look round the shops and bought some presents for family at home. Then we made our way to the Notre Dame. Once again, we had already been but hadn't had the chance to look around the inside of the building. 

The rest of the day consisted of walking down the river. We had lunch and visited the lock bridge once again to leave our own little memory. Then it was just a lovely, relaxing afternoon. We ate ice-cream, pasta and macarons and had an early night for the coach home the next morning. I think everyone should have the chance to visit Paris once in their lives, it's a beautiful place and I'm really grateful I had the chance to visit. 

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