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When Topshop began selling make-up in their stores, I was almost completely disinterested. At the time, I felt that I'd rather buy makeup from those brands that are specialised in well, make-up. I love Topshops style and they have the most beautiful clothes, but could they really starting selling makeup to rival those high street brands. I went into town knowing that I wanted a new bright pink shade for the Summer, but had not expected to get it from Topshop. As I was browsing the store and wandered over to the make-up section and saw myself falling in love with the shades that they had available, in particular this one. I had seen various reviews praising Topshops lipsticks and their formulas, that I thought why not give it a try?

On first impressions, not only does the shade look beautiful, the packaging caught my eye also. We all know that your eyes flicker to the fun and pleasing to the eye products on the shelves and although it is not particularly bright and in your face, it's eye-catching. It has a mix between looking expensive and sleek but still staying quirky.

On to the colour; this shade is called 'All About Me'. I was in store testing lipsticks for a good while before I picked this one, not because I wasn't sure about it, but because there were so many lovely shades to choose from. I went for this bright pink eventually. I needed to replace my Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick shade '110' after I lost it. Rather than buying the same thing, I gave this once a chance. They are quite similar in colour except the Topshop is a little bit darker in shade however, I think I actually prefer this. Every time it's sunny outside and the weather is slightly hot I reach for this and love the colour it gives my lips. 

The formula is beautiful. It's really easy to apply and glides on to the lips effortlessly. It's a quite creamy formula so I like to pat it a little with tissue after I've applied it. In terms of longevity, it's one of the best for all the lipsticks I own. It lasts literally all day and it's very rare I have to reapply after eating or drinking. 

Overall, I love this lipstick and I'm sure it will be a firm favourite for a while.

Have you ever tried the Topshop lipsticks?

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