Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Review

Seventeen are one of my favourite brands for a numerous reasons. For one, not only do they have good quality products, but they are affordable too. Slowly, my love for Seventeen has grown and so has my collection and this heavy duty under eye concealer is the newest Seventeen item in my make-up bag. 

This concealer is thick and creamy which aims to cover up dark under eye circles and comes in two shades; fair and medium. I have fairly light skin therefore, I was pretty happy with picking up the fair shade and it matching my skin. However, I can see how this can be a problem for a lot of people as it would be impossible for these two colours to apply to everyone and a lot of people would be disappointed with the limited options available. Even though the colour matches my skin tone, it does come out slightly orangey. I do put this underneath my foundation so the orangey tone is unnoticeable after the foundation is blended. 

The texture is not my favourite. Due to the product being so thick and creamy in nature I do find the application slightly difficult, it does take slightly more effort and a bit longer than liquid concealer takes to blend, but as this is 'heavy duty' I would expect the application to be different. I don't necessarily suffer from dark circles under my eyes so don't need to use this product everyday, but when I do it definitely has the desired effect.  This concealer covers all under eye circles really well! Although I found application isn't the best, I think that as a heavy duty under eye concealer it is amazing and I was really impressed with this product! My eyes look fresh and the skin under neath looks smooth without looking cakey. Although the name concentrates on under eye, do not be afraid to use it for blemishes and areas where you may have redness. I've used this products for blemishes and have found it to be just as effective and has excellent coverage. It terms of longevity,  I do not have any complaints, if I put this on first thing in the morning, the formula is brilliant and lasts all day. 

Overall, the Seventeen Phwoarr Paint is not for everyone with it's limited shades and thick texture. Personally, I love this little product. I love the packaging and the handy mirror attached, how it conceals dark circles as well as other blemishes on face and how it lasts all day. If you fancy a affordable (£5.49) heavy duty concealer then I definately reccommend giving this a try. 

Have you used Seventeen Phwoarr Paint before? What do you think of this product?

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