My Top 5 Favourite Hair Products.

VO5 Give Me Texture Dry Texturing Spray
This is one of my favourite products. I think many of us try and achieve the effortless, 'I woke up like this' bedhead look and this product definitely takes you in the right direction. With a hint of seasalt it leaves your hair slightly tousled and wavy without any extra effort or hassle It adds amazing texture and I just normally spray it on, give my hair a quick ruffle and I'm good to go. If you're in a rush, it quickly takes your hair from dull and lifeless to being textured and gives it a bit of volume, its a perfect little product to have on the go and has a tiny price tag! 

VO5 Plump It Up Backcombing Spray
I admit it, I backcomb. Ever since I say Diana Vickers on the X Factor a few years a go I started backcombing my hair. Granted, I don't do it no where near as much now compared to my fifteen year old self, but I do like to try and give my hair a bit more oomph now and again. When I saw this product sitting on the shelf I just had to grab it. It gives my hair a boost without having to damage my hair in the process by backcombing it. It leaves your hair looking freshly styles and is defiantly a daily essential for me as it gives instant body and texture to lifeless hair. 

Hask Argan Oil
This little thing has been featured on my blog before. I adore this. To be honest, I would have never have picked this product up myself, I don't recognise the brand and it's really cheap (£2.15 on amazon) and I would have never thought it was a quality product, but I have seen a real difference to my hair with this. One of the my favourite things about this product is the smell, it smells of oranges and it's delicious. The end of my hair is very dry due to numerous dying jobs and a little dip-dye last summer and this product has really helped in improving it. My hair tips feel so much softer and has helped with growth. 

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray 
I originally wrote a less than average review about this product. I got a sample free in a magazine and was less than impressed with the overall look it gave my hair. My hair is quite thin and I am constantly looking for new products to give my hair volume and a bit of oomph and this product has slowly found its way into my favourites. I spray this all over my hair when it's wet, then normally blow dry upside down and I've found it gives me so much volume and holds all day, which I wouldn't expect from my hair.  I'm glad I stuck with this product and I'm gutted that I'm almost ran out!

Phil Smith Total Treat Argan Oil
Another argan oil? Why not! Like I said, my hair has been a terrible state especially the ends and I have been trying really hard to get my hair back to being in a healthy condition. It's helped heal my dry and damaged locks and added a bit more moisture into the ends. This product is more of a cream, whereas the Hask argan oil is an oil and I actually prefer this type of application as I find it easier to apply. I add a pea size amount to damp hair, working through from mid-length to the ends. I've had this product way over a year not and there's still no signs of running out any time soon!

So there are my top five favourite hair products! I couldn't recommend these enough and if there's any a time where you need something new, take a look at some of these..

What are your favourite hair products? Are any of these in your top five?

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