Ebay Wish List #7 | Festival Edition

It's getting that time a year again where the festival season is slowly creeping up on us and even though I'm not actually going to one this year (sad face).  I do love festival fashion and can't help myself but browse ebay to update my wardrobe.

I don't think your festival wardrobe is completed without some high waisted denim shorts (here). Without a doubt they are a festival essential and these ones are perfect to take with you. I love the slightly ripped effect and acid wash colour which makes them slightly more edgy. I've been to Leeds festival a few times and I lived in denim shorts and crop tops and I think this white lace crop (here) would go perfectly with those shorts. It's such a pretty lace which would be a versatile staple to have when you're struggling for room in your bag. This item is a bargain for £12.00

The kimono trend is impossible to get away from as of recently and although some people may be unsure about wearing them on a day to day basis, you have to admit how perfect they are for festivals. This kimono (here) is a bargain at £2.69. The reason I love this one is the fact it's not too in your face, a lot of kimonos can be very bright and this one just has a lovely subtle pattern. It's a nice little throw on for the evening when it starts to get a bit chiller. 

I love this tropical print on this playsuit (here). I don't own many tropical print items but this one really drew me in. Once again, it's not too in your face, as my daily wardrobe consists of very safe colours the thought of wearing really bright colours scares me a little! One thing I love about this item is its back. I love interesting backs and this one has a triangle cut out. The piece would defiantly be winner on a hot festival day (here's hoping anyway!)  This one only costs £9.99 and they have different patterns too. 

Finally, some accessories! No festival outfit is complete without some sunglasses (here) and a floral garland hair band (here). Hair accessories such as this floral hair band is ideal to get you in the festival spirit and essential as the your hair becomes greasy and messier as the days goes on. This little thing is an amazing cover up for your hair and I pretty much worn something like this everyday when I went to festivals. It only costs £2.50 and there are different colours available. 

What are your festival essentials? Are you going to any festivals this year?

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