Weekly Summary #3

new favourite lipstick and necklace / little jars that I bought from Ikea / trying to get myself motivated / afternoon read
pancake day - banana, honey and chocolate chips / primark shoes, I love them / my favourite little mug / featured in my university room tour

To be fair, this weekly summary should be called monthly summary. My weeks recently have been the same, literally it's just dissertation work constantly and then now and again I might go to the pub, but I have done nothing particularly worth while. The work is really getting on top of me and this blog just has not been my priority as of recently, I've got two more months of heaps of solid work then after that I'm done and can blog to my hearts content. But as for now, my work is the most important thing in my life.

I have done a little shopping this week, as you can see from my mini Primark haul and I've also had a visit to Ikea. I love Ikea, I picked up lots of bits and bobs for when I move back home, to hopefully try and organise my room a little bit. I have so much stuff! The highlight of the month has definitely been pancake day. Sad, but true. Who doesn't enjoy eating multiple pancakes drenched in sweet yummy toppings until you feel sick?! I certainty do.

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