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Since I began my blog around six months ago, I have not as yet done an everyday face blog post. My make up look does not necessarily change daily, but I am constantly swapping around the products I use. I love finding new and exciting products and normally take a risk on completely new product that I have never used before, rather than repurchasing. These are the items that I am currently using.
First lets start with primer. I currently use the Seventeen Stay Time, Long Wear Primer. I featured this item in my January favourites and have been switching between this and the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser, however, this has ended back into my makeup. I wear it everyday for the simple reason, that it does what it sets out to do! I love the foundation like formula of the product a lot more than the clear formula as I think it definitely leaves my make up looking fresh for a longer period of time, but that's just a personal preference! Next up, foundation. Foundation is the only item in make up bag that I don't mind splashing out on. My skin is very pale and it's quite hard sometimes to get a shade that will match my skin tone, therefore, when I find one that is perfect for me I can't let it go. I current use Benefit's Hello Flawless foundation in 'I'm pure 4 sure, Ivory' and I cannot praise this little thing enough. I have tried numerous foundations, high street and higher end and have never found one I loved more than this one. I will be definitely be repurchasing this one very soon as not only because the shade is perfect, but for it's finish. It lifts and brightens my skin and leaves a glowing finish. To finish my face, I use powder. This one is my go to, which I'm sure you can tell by the worn out case! This powder is by Rimmel in shade '006 Beige'. It's a nice powder to apply and leaves a good matte finish, minimising the risk of shine as it stays put for many hours at a time. 

Next is on to cheeks. I recently bought the Seventeen Stamp Blush in 'Blushin' I fell in love with this product straight away for the simple fact that I have never used a blusher like this before. I did a review of this product not long ago, but the blusher basically twists apart with the sponge applicator in one half and the blusher in the lid of the other part. It's a beautiful baby pink and I like to pop a little bit on my cheeks in the day time to give a subtle blush. I don't like wearing heavy blusher so this is perfect. Contouring frightened the life out of me! For a long time I didn't understand how to do it, the look or what difference it makes to your face. I started off small buying the Natural Collection Bronzing Powder in 'Golden Glow'. Although I am not a expert at this contouring business just yet, I am slowly incorporating more and more into my daily routine. Talking about contouring, the next item I would need is highlighter. I'm starting to recognise a theme here, because the highlighter I use is also Seventeen. It is the Seventeen Skin Wow! 3 Way Highlighter and I place a little on top of my cheekbone and the corner of my eyes to brighten up my face. 

Lastly eyes. I have only recently been popping on a little bit of eyeshadow daily. I have been using this Collection Work the Colour Nude Colour Palette religiously. It is such a bargain, the colours are beautiful and are wonderfully pigmented. When I originally bought it I did not expect too much or to love it as much as I do, but it's such a surprising little product. I cannot live without liquid eyeliner. For the last five years I must have been doing a cat flick on my eyelids which has meant going through various liquid eyeliners. This is the L'OREAL Super Liner Blockbuster which I think have been wearing almost everyday since I first reviewed it October (here). It has a pen tip which is my favourite kind of application as it makes it really easy to apply. It's bold and dark and I love swiping it across my eyelid before I leave the house. And finally, my favourite daily mascara is the Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes. I love this mascara. It lengthens the lashes beautifully without leaving your eyes clumpy or stick together. As the name suggests, it aims to give the 'doll eye' look which is one I really enjoy creating.

Do you own any of these items? What are your go-to daily make up items?

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